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Unconventional Journeys: Leon McCarron and Malachy Tallack speak at Emirates Airline Festival of Literature (2019)
2nd May 2020 • Best of the Emirates LitFest • Emirates Literature Foundation
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What makes going from A to B an adventure, not a destination? A map can show you the layout of a place, but its emotional geography is something that takes a bit more time and skill to uncover.

Leon McCarron is a Northern Irish adventurer, filmmaker, writer and motivational speaker, who believes in the importance of a slower pace to truly understand the world and its people, whether walking 3000 miles across China or trekking 1000 miles across the Empty Quarter.

Malachy Tallack is a writer, editor and singer-songwriter from Scotland whose non-fiction books Sixty Degrees North and The Un-Discovered Islands both fuse nature writing, history and memoir.

The discuss their adventures at Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2019.




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