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1152 – Disruptive Thought Leadership Through Tax Consulting with Meyer Tax Consulting’s Jackie Meyer, CPA, CTS, CTC
2nd April 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the founder of TaxPlanIQ, the founder of Meyer Tax Consulting, and CPA, CTS, and CTC, Jackie Meyer

Jackie does a lot, she shares. She’s an entrepreneur through and through and has owned a boutique CPA firm for high net worth individuals and their family offices since 2010. Because of her success around tax planning and thought leadership in the space, she became a speaker and coach by happenstance. She also became a SaaS software developer by providing project management solutions for CPAs. 

Josh and Jackie explore Jackie’s calling to help and coach other accounting firms. Around 2016, Jackie completely converted her own practice to value pricing around tax strategy and planning. She ultimately tripled her company's revenue and equally reduced her time spent doing so. She knew she could take this experience and help other firms see the same success and growth and this is what led her to become a tax planning coach.

At the end of the day, it's a choice to either stay in the grind or graduate as a tax professional. Jackie excels at helping other CPAs transform their practices for the better. In an innovative, thought-leading move, Jackie is hosting a CCA Busy Season Reunion during the busiest tax days of the year. She shares this is one way in which she pushes her own practice and her clients’ practices to not conform to the set expectations of ‘busy season’. 

Jackie also offers consulting services and masterminds. She teaches a few core tenants to other tax professionals. The truth? Everything tax professionals have been taught is backwards. CPAs need to have healthy boundaries with their clients while still providing top notch value. It takes proper education, discipline, and making the choice to go to the next level. Jackie and her coaching services offer the support to help get tax professionals to that next level. They assess the front and back ends of practices, pricing, value ads, and more. Jackie transforms practices by reframing each of these aspects individually so that the professionals she coaches can focus on what really matters and have healthy work life boundaries in the process. 

According to her website, if you’re a CPA or tax professional, Jackie’s coaching services can help transform your practice so that you can demonstrate your ROI to your accounting clients, add 35% more revenue for your firm with tax planning services, and streamline processes starting with sorting your email inbox, with your team, with operations of your firm, and more.

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