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Helping manufacturers realize zero defects by adopting AI-enabled solutions
Episode 515th September 2021 • Plant Talk • Plant Magazine
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EPISODE GUEST: Scott Everett, CEO and Co-Founder, Eigen Innovations

SUMMARY: In this episode, Everett speaks about Eigen Innovations’ mission in helping manufacturers realize “zero defects” by giving them real-time, actionable insights to better control their processes and the quality of their outputs.

He speaks about Eigen’s machine vision platform, which unites image and quality data on every part. With correlated data, it generates a virtual part profile, a traceable blueprint, which is used to generate machine learning models to monitor parts and processes, and automate actions.

He explains how with insights delivered via the platform, operators and engineers can adjust process controls to prevent quality issues in-line. Using the robust part profiles, they can access data to conduct root cause analysis and investigations.





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