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Why Now Is the Best Time to Plan a Career Break with Katrina McGhee
Episode 828th July 2022 • Scarlet Society • Scarlet Society
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Can you imagine taking a year-long break from your job without worrying about money and then getting an even better job when you return? That's what our guest today helps people do. 

Welcome to the Scarlet Society podcast. In this episode, we have Katrina McGhee, a Career Break & Sabbatical Coach and enthusiastic world traveler. So how did she transition from her corporate career to coaching?

Burning out in her corporate job, Katrina turned her life upside down for a 20-month career break to do what she wanted most - travel the world. After a successful return to the corporate world, with 5 job offers in just 5 weeks, she later left to embark on another career break. She then built a coaching business to help 9-5ers create the break of their dreams.

Join us as we discuss how to design bold and transformational career breaks and why now is the time for you to do it. Discover the key to “living your life in technicolor.”

“There is more to life than just staying in the hamster wheel.”

- Katrina McGhee


In This Episode:

00:00 Meet Katrina McGhee, a recovering corporate worker turned Career Break & Sabbatical Coach, and digital nomad

02:46 How Katrina handles objections like “That sounds great, but I don't think I can do it. It's not for me.” 

04:45 What are some of the things people come up with when they do the 5-minute journaling exercise?

06:19 What exactly does a Career Break & Sabbatical Coach do?

09:01 Katrina takes us through her own career break, how she saved $40k, and how she created her coaching business

17:30 Amazing stories of women over 40 who took career breaks 

20:10 Why is NOW a great time to take a career break?

22:45 Strategies to overcome fear about experiencing career regression when taking a break

25:28 How to have that conversation with your manager about taking a career break

30:02 Things you should NOT do if you want to have a successful career break

34:15 Taking the first step to begin your journey



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