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Mental Misplacement: The Navigation and Normalization of Mental Health
Episode 625th March 2021 • Misplaced Life • Ginger Ramsey
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Mental Health is a very hot topic of conversation at the moment, and the recent Oprah Winfrey interview with Meghan Markle catapulted the subject to an ever higher level of awareness. Anyone and everyone, from all walks of life.....from different backgrounds, races, genders......from the impoverished to the British Monarchy - NO ONE is immune to the possibility of suffering from some form of a mental health illness. Sometimes your mental health can be severely compromised to the point of major depression and suicide, or sometimes you can just have a rough time but with some minor interventions, you can be well on your way back to feeling good. it is an important issue that we felt compelled to openly discuss.

More and more people (we hope) are beginning to understand that MENTAL health is a part of one's OVERALL physical health. It is not anything that should be shunned or kept secret anymore than someone breaking their leg and needed to go to the doctor. Our brains are part of our body, and our mental health is just as important, if not the most important aspect of keeping the rest of our physical health in good standing.

Listen in as we discuss our own personal journeys as they pertain to mental health - how are upbringing and our cultures shaped our initial thoughts on mental health, and how we have both navigated the process of accepting that mental health is not taboo. The more we accept that as a society, the healthier the whole of us will be.

Follow us on IG and message us with your thoughts on mental health - we would love to hear from you! Stay safe....stay healthy.....and try to stay sane!! Peace & Love - Ginger & Donzell