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Growth Collective - Growth Collective EPISODE 7, 18th November 2020
Influencer Marketing with Eduardo Morales
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Influencer Marketing with Eduardo Morales

Ever been curious how to get this biggest bang for your buck with influencers? Find out how to source and work with influencers with the highest ROI on today's episode with Influencer Expert Eduardo Morales.

Topics discussed:

  • How Depop utilized influencers to grow [02:07]
  • How to measure the results of using influencer marketing [04:14]
  • How to operationalize the influencer process [06:25]
  • Engagement percentages that matter [07:44]
  • Economics behind influencers [09:11]
  • The best influencers to utilize [12:46]
  • Strategic approach to influencer marketing [16:50]
  • The art of the cold outreach [18:23]
  • Why influencer marketplaces aren't effective [22:03]