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Empire Records (1995) w/ Hannah and Lily of Society Owes Me a Gen-X Podcast
Episode 111th January 2021 • Soundtrack Your Life • Ryan Pak
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Hannah and Lily from Society Owes Me a Gen X Podcast are the guests this week to talk about Alan Moyle’s 1995 film, Empire Records, and it’s hit soundtrack, which initially overshadowed the film. We talk about the Gin Blossoms and Edwyn Collins’ massive hits from the soundtrack, Renee Zellweger’s quick transition in film from teen turbo slut to a proper adult, and how strange it is that Liv Tyler’s stepdad is casted as fellow record store peer in this film.

We also break down songs on the soundtrack from bands such as Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Cranberries, Better than Ezra, The Martinis, Cracker and The Ape Hangers, and we also receive a brief cameo from a wounded pigeon named Chadwick that Hannah and Lily rescued before the recording of the episode.