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Episode 452 - The Volume of the Wolf and Fallow Hurricanes of a Blue Democracy
Episode 45214th August 2023 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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When Seanorama moved here in the 90's, his brain exploded with the various styles of music he was exposed to that was local and quickly learned that the best music tends to come out of Winnipeg. Here are some of the bands from that era (and more) that educated this East Coaster to the real music capital of Canada.

Caught In The High Beams – Tolerance (1992)

Brother Moon - New Meanies from The Blue Meanies (1995) (

Mrs Merry Weather Centre Spoon - Sandozz Minstrells from A Gathering of the Tribes (1994)

Cookie Dough - Red Fisher from War Wagon (1995) (

Bomb Threat At Montgomery High - Bonaduces from The Democracy of Sleep (1998)  (

Wellington Wednesdays - Weakerthans from Fallow (1996) (

Simplicity - Volume (unreleased) (


Foxfire - Projecktor from Red Wolf Glass (2001) ( )

Hurricane Prone – Painted Thin from Clear Plausible Stories (1999) (

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