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From Fantasy to Fairies with Author Michael Ross
Episode 1130th March 2021 • Once and Future Authors • Stephanie Larkin
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Author of "Elfistra the Sorceress" Book #2 of The Wand Chronicles, Michael Ross joins us on the newest episode of "Once and Future Authors".

Have you ever wanted to live in a world where fairies and elves are real? Your everyday life intertwines with theirs as you live amongst each other! How magical would that be?

Author Michael Ross brings this idea to life! Through the many adventures, meetings, relationships, and magic, The Wand Chronicles is just the book to get you out of a quarantine slump!

Michael Ross resides in England and writes his novels with the idea to make them as believable as possible. He creates the stories of elves and humans as they have to come together to help save the planet. He uses great detail to accurately describe the relationships and personalities of the elves, humans, and eventually hybrids of elves and humans, and even fairies!

On this episode, we discuss the world that Ross's characters reside in, how he came up with this idea and why, how he is engaging his community, and his process of building the world where this magic lives!

Listen now as we delve into magic and mystery!

Find "Elfistra the Sorceress" and the rest of The Wand Chronicles on Amazon!

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