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20 Group Peer Review [THA 273]
Episode 27328th April 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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How often do you have an outside perspective on your business to offer improvement ideas? What about 35 outside perspectives? Last month Brian Weeks hosted a team of shop owners from his peer group, from around the country, to dig deep into his business. Keep listening to find out what helpful tips and insights they offered and what they learned from each other.

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Brian Weeks, ATC Auto Center, Augusta, GA. Listen to Brian's previous episodes HERE

Craig Noel, Sun Automotive, Springfield, OR. Listen to Craig's previous episodes HERE

Gary Pontious Jr, Toledo Auto Care, Toledo, OH. Listen to Gary's previous episodes HERE

Brett Beachler, Beachler's Vehicle Care & Repair, Peoria, IL. Listen to Brett's previous episodes HERE

Key Talking Points

  • A few months prior to the meeting Brian opened his books to a small “Advanced Team” (marketing, processes, culture, ROs)
  • “Advanced Team” observed for a full day. The second day is implementation and meetings with everyone involved. People are assigned ‘tasks’ (facility, management system etc). 
  • Accountability groups for areas that need to be focused on- continual process based on needs
  • Coming to help, not to make you feel bad
  • Shows the opportunity
  • Don't think you are on an island and doing a good job- build the bridges and have your iron sharpened with the help of others
  • Your competitor is the person that is better than you
  • Family culture is a testament to Brian’s leadership
  • The networking during the dinners, lunches, breaks is just as important as the meetings
  • The exposure of your weaknesses/opportunities of your leadership/procedures. Then your ability to grow from it.
  • Always walk away learning something

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