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How to make Data a useful & usable part of everyone's job! > Talk With Kshira Saagar - Chief Data Officer (CDO) of Latitude Financial Services
Episode 313th December 2021 • LEAD WITH DATA Podcast • Rina Gami
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In this episode we talk about how to make Data a useful and usable part of everyone’s job!  I am joined by Kshira Saagar is the Chief Data Officer (CDO) of Latitude Financial Services.

Latitude is Australia’s biggest non-bank lender, digital payments, and finance company with over 2.7 million customers across Australia and New Zealand. At Latitude, Kshira is currently working on enabling the enterprise to make faster and smarter data-driven decisions and oversees all the data science processes and infrastructure from data collection and governance to algorithmic decision tools development.

He has been consecutively recognised among the Top 10 Analytics Leaders in Australia, for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Before Latitude, Kshira had performed in different senior and leadership data roles at Global Fashion Group, Equifax, Fairfax Media, and Mu Sigma Inc. He has over a decade of experience in data science solution development and analytics problem-solving for retail, telecom and insurance markets, including fortune 100 clients. He also has professional data analytics experience in media, healthcare, aviation, logistics, and FMCG industries.

Kshira strongly believes that every organisation can become truly data-driven. At every place he has worked, working and will work - he likes to go back to the fundamentals, asking people to ask more questions of data and being a tough taskmaster on getting actionable outcomes from data, on all possible occasions. Outside work, Kshira spends a lot of time on advancing data literacy initiatives for high school and undergrad students.

We cover if being fully digital make companies more data driven, how organisations can build and support self service capabilities, tips and strategies for increasing data literacy and the approach and framework for analytics capability for new products.