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Ep 23: What A Good Euthanasia Business Looks Like, with Dr. Kathleen Cooney
Episode 2316th February 2022 • The Veterinary Business Success Show • VetX International
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End-of-life specialist veterinarian, Dr. Kathleen Cooney, joins Brendan Howard in this week's episode of The Veterinary Business Success Show.

Kathy graduated from the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004 and went on to specialize in advanced end-of-life pet care in 2006. Seeing the need for comfortable, in-home services for all types of companion animals, Kathy went on the launch Home to Heaven, an in-home euthanasia service in Colorado. Home to Heaven was “one of the world’s first exclusive euthanasia companies, which later included hospice and palliative care for animals”. Dr. Cooney went on to sell Home to Heaven in late 2016 and in 2017 founded the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy (CAETA).

CAETA is an organization that aims to provide ‘better euthanasia experiences’ through onsite or online education, where participants access coursework and instructors to help them understand how best to deliver and handle euthanasia processes. 

Dr. Kathleen is well recognized in the veterinary community for her contributions surrounding animal euthanasia and has collaborated in training for numerous organizations including the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Fear Free program. She has also written two books ‘In-Home Pet Euthanasia Techniques: The Veterinarian's Guide to Helping Families and Their Pets Say Goodbye in the Comfort of Home’ and ‘Veterinary Euthanasia Techniques’.

During this episode, Dr. Kathleen Cooney discusses how and why she got into specializing in euthanasia and gives advice on how best to handle euthanasias in practice.