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How did you get here: Interview with four Software Developer apprentices at Tes
11th September 2023 • Sheffield Digital Podcast • Sheffield Digital
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This episode of the Sheffield Digital podcast features a group interview with four apprentices working at Tes Global. In collaboration with Makers, Tes offered the opportunity for those passionate about tech to retrain, learn to code, and launch a new career in software development. Jack Thacker, Noelia Perez Marin, Sonia Khan and Jose Lopez Guerrero were invited to this interview to share what their experiences have been like so far, and what they are looking forward to next. 

Before starting the apprenticeship:

  • Noelia worked as a graphic designer for many years, specialising in merchandising.
  • Jack was first a student and then a writer and researcher in English Literature.
  • Sonia was working in museums, including a games museum.
  • Jose was working in hospitality as a receptionist and then had a job in finance, in the customer service line for shareholders.

Each guest shares why they decided to make a career change, what skills and knowledge they are bringing from previous roles, and how Tes is supporting them throughout the experience. Other topics they touch on include imposter syndrome, diversity of people, and advice for people considering applying for a similar apprenticeship.

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Notes and Links

The apprentices were interviewed online by Sarah Lister, Membership Coordinator at Sheffield Digital, on 8th August 2023.

Every episode comes with a list of links to the companies we reference:


Tes website 


Makers Academy:

Code Academy:

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