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Inside: Sales Enablement - Scott Santucci, Brian Lambert EPISODE 25, 4th February 2020
Ep25 Busy Active or Busy Productive and Four Functions of Sales Enablement
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Ep25 Busy Active or Busy Productive and Four Functions of Sales Enablement

Welcome to the Inside Sales Enablement Podcast, Episode 25

In this episode, we look at Sales Enablement strategically. The sales enablement profession has reached an important pivot point -- and it's likely you need to make some decisions.

While the hype of the role continues to drive more and more hires, many executive leaders are still waiting to see the transformative benefits they expect by making continued investments into enablement. 

Most enablement functions start out as the fixer of broken things. Eventually, there is only so much value that can be created that way.  You will have to expand your scope and focus on identifying core root problems.

We've been working with leading sales enablement functions for over 10 years.  In this podcast, we identify the emerging flavors of sales enablement excellence.  

TALENT - Recruit, retain, and develop the right people to help sales leaders be successful with better, more skilled salespeople

MESSAGE - Customer stakeholder specific value-based messages to help sales leaders be successful by helping their salespeople have better and more relevant sales conversations

ENGAGEMENT - Integrated programs to drive pipeline milestones to help sales leaders be successful with more targeted and focused pipeline stimulation programs

ADMINISTRATE - Simplification programs to reduce seller burden by helping sellers spend less time with data entry and more time selling

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