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Chapter 192. In amongst the football boots and the dog food.
Episode 19215th January 2024 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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I haven't been well.

What's more I haven't been well and I am going to tell you about it. Which means there is going to be some fairly detailed description of my symptoms, and you might want to take that into account if you are sensitive to matters around vomit.

Whilst I am happy to warn you, I make no apology for its inclusion. What can I say, I am someone that overshares.

Anyway it knocked me back, and it knocked the schedule back a bit so apologies to the Purple folk for the slight delay in proceedings, as I repositioned myself back to an even keel.

On the positive side I have chanced on some never-before-heard-diary.... so, as my gran used to say, "It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good" (Mind you, she WAS a bit mad.)



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