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Episode 3: Creative Spark
Episode 324th February 2021 • The Artistic Method • Joel Wright
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Had you not been overcome with this feeling that I can't do this, or I won't do this or it's not time or I don't feel like it. What's preventing that creative spark from igniting? Is it fear? Could fear be blocking you from producing at a level that aligns with your true potential?

You could fear the outcome. You could have created something amazing and you fear that you'll never be able to live up to it again, you could fear that you're just going to fall flat, that whatever you're trying to create is not going to turn out the way you want it to.

You could fear that you'll achieve exactly what you set out to achieve and you don't know how to receive that. You don't know how to go with that flow. There's many reasons you could feel fear, but generally speaking fear is the reason that we become blocked fear is the block. And removing a creative block is as simple as standing up to the fear to confronting it.

All you have to do is temporarily suspend the personal sense of self, which a lot of people struggle with. It's not as simple as it sounds, but when you're having fun, that's exactly what you're doing! When you're having fun, you're a kid again. You're not this overly defined adult with responsibilities.

An artistic method can grow and evolve over time unlike a scientific method. I think science and art could overlap at some place because creativity is needed in science and science is needed in an artwork, but the artistic method can be changed according to your will. You can bend it and. It's all about your own internal, personal experience with artwork.

It's about expression. We're not creating reality. If anything, we're creating an unreality, we're creating something that doesn't exist showing something that doesn't actually exist. It's purely personal experience. And in its purest form tells the truth. It tells a personal truth and not the absolute truth.