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#44 | Posh, Pleasures, & Pain: The Life of a Social Media Influencer Turned Christ, Pt. 1 | Sandra Poenar
12th March 2021 • Apollos Watered • Travis Michael Fleming
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Join Travis as he has a deep conversation with Sandra Poenar. Sandra Poenar is a former social media influencer who discovered that the pleasures of life and fame are not soul-fulfilling. She spent years of her early adult life living the “LA lifestyle”. After encountering Jesus, she forsook the world to pursue Him wholeheartedly and never looked back. She now devotes her life to full-time ministry in the city of Chicago. She is involved in youth ministry as a leader and is also a social media manager for a Christian Private School.

Listen in as Travis and Sandra talk about the LA Lifestyle, internet fame, Star Wars (in her answer she got mixed up-it was the Last Jedi, but the Rise of Skywalker!), the Office, praying parents, and the price she paid to follow Jesus.

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