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Cindy Burnett - Summer Reading
Episode 323rd May 2024 • Who I Met Today • Pamela Lamp
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In episode 32, Cindy Burnett offers suggestions for our summer reading. She recommends eight books she loves that are perfect for tucking into our beach and travel bags this summer. The books represent all genres—something for every type of reader.

We discuss her podcast—Thoughts From a Page—the Literary Lookbook she co-publishes, her Patreon group, and how to join Net Galley.

In this summer reading episode, we reference:

Cindy's podcast, Thoughts from a Page 

Her Literary Lookbook

Dixon Descending by Karen Outen (Cindy's podcast episode with author) 

Everest, Inc by Will Cockrell

The Daydreams by Laura Rankin

One-Star Romance by Laura Hankin

The Husbands by Holly Gramazio (Cindy's podcast episode with author)

The Berlin Letters by Katherine Reay (Cindy's podcast episode with author)

A Game of Lies by Clare Mackintosh

Hostage by Clare Mackintosh

The Last Party by Clare Mackintosh

I Promise It Won’t Always Hurt Like This by Clare Mackintosh

Whiskey Tender by Deborah Taffy

Everyone on this Train is a Suspect by Benjamin Stevenson

Splitwise app

Cindy's Instagram page

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