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152. My Yearly Review Process to Set Goals For My Most Successful Year Yet!
Episode 1522nd January 2023 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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It is time for a yearly review.

To me, New Year’s resolutions set an unrealistic expectation that things will be different just because the clock struck midnight, without acknowledging how to make them different. In a way, it's similar to the definition of insanity where we step into a new year with a new resolution, but we didn't change anything about ourselves. 

So, today's episode is one that's going to help you shift life on its axis, in the direction you actually feel called to go. You'll be able to see the fruits of your labor, you'll be able to see the change and evolution of yourself and your business by looking backwards to go forward. 

We're going to dissect last year and I'm going to teach you specific ways to peel back the layers on observing the last year so that you can actually build the year you want to live, that will take you into the long term vision that you have for your life.

This year, don’t just start planning and getting excited without making sure that you take the time to look at the last one and see how you can improve, tweak and develop in a way that is going to make the necessary turns to guide you towards where you actually want to go. And if you need some help with that, don’t forget to do the True North exercise at


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