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Building AI-Driven Multi-Channel Direct Marketing Company With Gino Korolev of Fertu
Episode 164th April 2024 • Unlocking The AI Advantage • Ramesh Dontha
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One of the challenges for business owners is finding and nurturing leads. It can sometimes be time-consuming to manage lead generation and follow-ups, especially when you have hundreds or even thousands of leads to reach out to.

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But what if you can plan and manage your outreach all in one place? With all activities and tactics inside the same platform, you can see how your campaigns are performing and where adjustments are needed. That's what Gino Korolev's platform is all about.

Gino is the co-founder of Fertu, a marketing platform built for healthcare. This platform helps users optimize their marketing campaigns with customizable journeys, insights, and analytics.

To know more about Fertu and how it can help your business, tune in to Ramesh and Gino as they discuss the potential of building an AI-driven multichannel direct marketing company or incorporating AI features into an existing system to make the business more efficient and profitable.

In This Episode:

- What does Fertu mean?

- What type of problem is Fertu trying to solve?

- How does Fertu engage with the customer?

- What is the benefit of working with Fertu?

- Why did Gino decide to focus on early-stage companies?

- How long did it take Gino from inception to building the company?

- Accelerating growth with support from Google Ventures

- Where Gino got his entrepreneurial skills

- The challenges that come with running an innovative company

- How would AI features and capabilities benefit Fertu? 

- What's next for Gino and Fertu?

And more!

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