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Your Subscription Box BFF w/ Jessica Principe
Episode 829th April 2021 • The Get More Podcast • Cassie Anne
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On this episode, we have Jessica Principe the creator of the All Girl Shave club who is going to be sharing some of her knowledge about how to go about starting your own subscription box service. Picking products, setting up your own mini-warehouse, fulfillment centers, shipping, how to get the designs right, and chatting margin and profitability. If creating a recurring subscription box has ever been on your heart this is the woman for you. 

Meet Jessica 

Founder of All Girl Shave Club - welcome! In 2016 I set out with a goal to make shaving less of a chore, and more of luxury infused treat for shaving women everywhere.

As a busy mom to two little boys, I didn’t have a lot of time for a complicated beauty regimen. I didn’t wear as much makeup as I did before babies, and my hair often ended up in a messy bun most days, but I still liked to feelpretty. I loved the feeling of having silky smooth, soft skin but honestly, I found shaving to be kind of an inconvenient chore. I often had to get creative with my time and double down on things that would make the most impact for me.

One day I was getting ready to shave and thought to myself, there has to be a better way! I wanted a razor that worked just as good (if not better!) than my husbands. One that was sharp and durable and could handle all of the different curves of my body.  I wanted it to look nice. I enjoy surrounding myself with pretty things (especially as the only woman living in a family full of guys!). I wanted products that were unique, female-focused and fun to use!  And finally, I wanted all of that packaged up beautifully and delivered to me when I needed it. I couldn’t find anything like that on the market so I set out to create it.

Here we are 4+ years later and we have served thousands of women across all 50 states and throughout Canada!


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