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#5 Getting Acquainted With Your Breath
Episode 517th June 2020 • Nourish Nurture Breathe • Nourish Nurture Breathe with Kami and Christie
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Breathing: it’s the first thing we do when we come into this world and it’s the last thing we do before we leave. It’s our life force in a very literal sense. Yet, it is something most of us never stop to pay any attention to. Slowing down, loving into your breath, even for as little as 1 minute a day, is one super simple thing you can do today with an incredible list of benefits including: reducing stress, reducing inflammation, improving mindset and so much more.

Consider this Part 1 as we will be going deep into our breath and different breathwork practices at regular intervals within our podcast.

You’ll learn:

  • Why breathing is so important (other than the fact it keeps us alive!)
  • The connection between breath, our fight or flight response and managing stress
  • An easy everyday practice for mindful breathing
  • The connection of breathwork and affirmations for gradually shifting and strengthening our mindset

PLUS, a bite-size guided breathwork where Kami leads Christie through one of her favourite grounding practices.

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