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Dave Carruthers, Founder & CEO of Voxpopme, talks about the future of feedback
Episode 5114th July 2021 • Be Customer Led • Bill Staikos
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The traditional questionnaire survey is dead. Don't think so? Read and listen on...

Dave Carruthers is Founder & CEO of Voxpopme, a video survey platform that enables you to uncover powerful human insights that inspire and engage, to drive smart decisions, and company growth. Oh, did I mention it also includes advanced analytical capabilities?

We cover super important topics today, including:

  1. Why video is better and how it's scalable
  2. Why companies need to get over the fear of video
  3. Benefits of video in driving empathy and awareness
  4. Where the medium is headed in 3-5 years
  5. How you can marry video through the customer journey
  6. Using video on the employee experience (EX) side too

Such a cool conversation. If you're not capturing feedback via video today, you should really consider revisiting your insight strategy today.



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