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Cigar biggies discouraged me. Why I’m glad I ignored them. (Feat. Dapper Cigar Co.’s Ian Reith)
Episode 4323rd July 2021 • Box Press • Boveda Inc.
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Is there a cigar companies for dummies book? 🤔  Ian Reith the founder of Dapper Cigar Co. is ready to write it. Hear how a cigar smoker gets into the cigar business.

In 2013, he launched the boutique cigar brand with the Cubo Claro. It’s legendary Cuban cigar-making combined with Nicaraguan filler tobacco from Oliva Tobacco Co. 

From scratch, Ian learned everything you need to know about cigars: where to buy tobacco; what factory makes cigars; who prints cigar bands; and how to salvage a sales call with a cigar retailer who thinks you’re from Davidoff! 

💡 Entrepreneur smart tips:

  • Make sure your new business name falls at the beginning of the alphabet near an established industry brand!
  • Sell company swag that anyone can wear. No lie 🧢— even non-cigar smokers sport snapback baseball caps that say Dapper.

As of this interview with Rob Gagner at the 2021 Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas, Dapper Cigar currently has 5 cigar lines, including Cubo, La Madrina, El Borracho, Siempre and Desvalido. During the cigar-long cigar podcast, Rob and Ian smoke the Desvalido a medium- to full-flavored Dapper that promises a creamy, malted honey experience with floral expressions.

Like many premium cigar brands, Dapper cigars are boxed with Boveda, the 2-way global leader in humidity control. Boveda protects the flavor, condition and burn of cigars for cigar manufacturers and cigar smokers. What do you use to protect cigars in your humidor? Better be Boveda. 






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