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Agricultural Sector Investment Opportunities with Craig McBain
Episode 3019th April 2021 • Beanstalk Global • Max MacGillivray
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In the second broadcast with Craig McBain & Max MacGillivray, they are discussing the International agricultural sector investment opportunities.

Craig has participated in and led change in a number of organisations across multiple industries. Prior to founding his consultancy business Persea, he headed up a vertically integrated multi-national agriculture fresh produce business. With operations in South Africa and Europe, the business was involved in the production, sourcing, packing, value adding, distribution and marketing of a range of sub-tropical fresh produce. With supply partners in numerous origins in South America, Central America, Europe and Africa, Craig not only developed deep insights into successful investment models for numerous high value crops but was also exposed to the vast investment opportunities that the likes of sub-Saharan Africa provides for long-term investors.

He has also worked in private equity, as the CEO and co-investor in a platform build-up. His formative career years were spent as a process engineer and then in management consulting.

On the Broadcast they are going to look to define the different ag sector investment verticals available, such as row, permanent, in-door, specialty, livestock, aquaculture, timber, Agtech – and then the areas that provide opportunities for investment. From farmland through the value chain plus the indirect investment opportunities that are created by a growing ag sector. The contribution of ag to a countries GDP is so much more than just the produce produced and Craig is keen to highlight this to one and all!