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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 34, 22nd January 2021
Product Marketing Insider | Beth Bourg, Appify
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Product Marketing Insider | Beth Bourg, Appify

This week on product marketing insider we’re joined by Beth Bourg, Director of Product Marketing at Appify. She shares insights from her 20-year career in marketing including some of the similarities and differences in being a PMM at companies big and small, her view on the PM-PMM relationship, top three soft skills, tips for aspiring PMMs, and more.


"Ask a lot of questions, especially early on in your career. If you're at a company, a bigger company, as I said, the idea of you may not have oversight or responsibility for every single aspect of product marketing, you may only be focused on one or two areas, but really get a chance to know and learn about the other areas as well."