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216. CEO vs. Business Owner: What’s The Difference? | 3 Strategies for Entrepreneurs to Become Visionary CEOs
Episode 2161st April 2024 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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In this episode of the Luminary Leadership Podcast, I come to you before wrapping up my work day to talk to you about 3 things you need to be doing as a CEO to up-level yourself from a business owner that is stuck in the weeds of their business. Because the term “CEO” has now become a cutesy title I am seeing people call themselves when really they are not navigating their business at all and I want to clarify what is actually required to be a true CEO of your business. 

These three things are vision casting, relationship building, and making high leverage moves. I am going to get specific with each one of these because as a CEO you are the shepherd of your business. You are there to set the sail, keep your people engaged & involved with helping you get there, and the one that people lean on when navigating through challenges. I share with you the specific ways to take action with these 3 things and the common mistakes entrepreneurs make that prevent them from fully embracing the CEO role.

I challenge you to do these 3 things this week and let it create more growth, time, capacity, & profit in your life and business. You are going to be free from the low value tasks while making high value moves that will allow you to step into the leader that you are called to be and hold that title of CEO with pride. 

Episode Outline: 

  • Vision Casting as a CEO [00:03:35] 
  • Leading Your Team Well [00:11:18] 
  • Mistakes in Casting Vision [00:16:18] 
  • Building Relationships [00:22:27] 
  • Making High Leverage Moves [00:30:38] 
  • Avoiding Low Value Tasks [00:31:46] 
  • Shifting from Reactivity to Proactivity [00:33:02]

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