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Bayhem! The Car Chases of Michael Bay
Episode 4317th August 2021 • Automovie Podcast • Straight Six Media
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In this episode, Chris and Marty demand things to be awesome as we take a look at the hyperactive, hyperkinetic car chases from Michael Bay's early career. Plus, a review of The Grand Tour presents Lochdown and a preview of the Michael Schumacher documentary coming to Netflix in September.

But first, Chris and Marty go through what they've been watching recently, Mighty Car Mods had an awesome vibes music-only build of Kei truck turbo conversion, (and also the PSHHH PSHHH video). Bad Obsession Motorsport have now put the wiring loom into the seven year journey of Project Binky and broken through 400k subscribers! We discuss The Grand Tour's Lochdown - and Andy Willman's interview about it. And Netflix have added the BBC documentary Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean and have included Back to the Future in the new series of The Movies That Made Us.

Netflix also have the Michael Schumacher documentary out Sept 15th, Tangent Vector - the team behind /DRIVE and the Apex films have teamed up with Cross Creek Pictures for a deal including another APEX film and more... Richard Hammond has sold a number of cars and motorbikes to fund the ongoing work of his car restoration business The Smallest Cog, which is being featured in a future Discovery series.

This episode though is a tribute to Michael Bay, who Chris really first say in this Verizon commercial where he demands things be awesome and then explode.

Marty guides us through Bad Boys, Bad Boy2, The Rock and The Island.

In 'What has Henry Catchpole Been Driving This Week?' we have two entries. Chris loved the Morgan Plus Four CX-T, while Marty highlighted the Ferrari 812 GTS for both the amazing car, and the amazing cinematography.

Universally loved was Chris's YouTube pick with all the F1 grid trying to name every F1 world champion in reverse chronological order. One driver is stunning, while Kimi is the most Kimi Kimi has ever Kimied. For his channel pick it's Ghostbusters. Marty went with Jodie Kidd getting a tour of Zak Brown's car collection on her great new channel, and his channel choice was ISSIMI.

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