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RPR Episode 4 - Dr. Michelle Boland
Episode 417th November 2019 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Dr. Michelle Boland joins the show today to dive into coach’s education, models, rigid mindsets, movement, and, of course, programming. Right off the bat, Michelle and I get into her background, talk about our mutual grad school experiences, and get a look into why Michelle left collegiate strength and conditioning to join the private world.

From there, Michelle and I spend our time talking about education and how ridiculous it is that people keep trying to have “right vs. wrong” conversations. As opposed to thinking critically, learning as much as you can, and asking meaningful questions like “why do the athletes need to do these things?” I will mention that if you are squatting on a physioball, though, then you are wrong. OH SO WRONG. So please stop.

To wrap things up, we get into programming for gen pop clients vs. high-level collegiate athletes and share our two cents on our deepest desire for strength and conditioning as a field to please move past Powerlifting as the “gold standard.” All in all, it’s an hour chock full of actionable takeaways, and hopefully, you leave realizing that if you are still straight bar back squatting your athletes, you should stop. Unless your athlete is competing in Powerlifting, of course.

Episode Highlights:

3 min: Michelle’s foray into academia

13 min: Why Michelle left collegiate strength and conditioning to go private

20 min: All things coach’s education

26 min:  Using exercises themselves as the intervention

32 min: The importance of context and environment when we talk about pain

34 min: Knowing what not to do is key

42 min:  Michelle gets into programming for gen pop

48 min: Michelle gets into off-season programming for elite hockey players

56 min: Michelle’s favorite resources

Links and stuff:

1.    Michelle Boland Website: 

2.    Michelle Boland: @mboland18

3.    James Cerbie: @jamescerbie

4.    TRAIN:

5.    Silverback:

6.    Rebel Performance:

7.    Bill Hartman The Intensive:

8.    Pat Davidson Rethinking the Big Patterns:

9.    Seth Oberst:

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