Artwork for podcast An SEO Panel with Dixon Jones: OLD GUARD versus NEW BLOOD
How to set an SEO strategy for 2021
Episode 126th January 2021 • An SEO Panel with Dixon Jones: OLD GUARD versus NEW BLOOD •
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How do you plan your SEO strategy for the coming year? Is it best to plan your SEO activities for a whole year or is it more effective to break down your overarching plan into smaller chunks?

Join 3 leading SEO minds to discover how they pull together an SEO strategy and how they suggest you do too.

Joining Guest Host David Bain for episode 12 of OLD GUARD versus NEW BLOOD is…

Your Panellists

Kevin Indig, Director of SEO at Shopify

Anna (Appenzeller) Corbett, Head of Search at Base Creative

Maria Amelie White, Head of SEO and PR at FloristPro

Guest Host

Your host David Bain is a former Head of SEO and Founder of Casting Cred, the podcast production agency for B2B brands.

January Webinar: Why David, Not Dixon?

Dixon Jones remains global brand ambassador for Majestic. We are looking forward to his return as host of the show.

Unfortunately, on Saturday December 5th, Dixon suffered a mountain biking accident requiring medical evacuation, hospitalization & ongoing pain medication. The prognosis – a cracked pelvis. It’s testament to Dixons character that he has continued to engage with a legion of well wishers on social media and via a dedicated “ouch” page on his blog. Our thoughts are with Dixon and his family as they face a difficult end to what for many has been a challenging year. 

By fortunate coincidence, David Bain has been working with Dixon and Majestic for a few weeks now, with a mission to elevate the production standard of the show and expand the audience. David is a former Head of SEO and Founder of Casting Cred, an agency who specialize in podcast production for B2B brands. We are delighted that David is stepping in as guest host, as he brings with him years of experience in hosting and producing live streaming events.