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S4 EP116: Alaina Roberts: Two Freebirths/Hospital Transfer/PPH + Two Homebirths
Episode 11626th May 2023 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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On today's episode we hear the four birth stories from Northern Rivers mother, Lainie.

From an early age, Lainie understood that birth was a natural and awe-inspiring process. The homebirths of her siblings were moments filled with love, support, and unwavering trust in the birthing process. Witnessing these births, solidified for her that birth was a sacred journey of empowerment and self-discovery. These experiences would lay the foundation for her own path to birthing in her power.

Lainie’s first birth, a testament of her endurance, unfolded over a remarkable 36 hours. Her second birth was so fast she barely had time to remove her clothing. With unwavering resilience, she navigated a hospital transfer and all that it encompassed. Drawing from the wisdom and lessons learned from her previous experiences and listening to her intuition, Lainie chose to have the support and guidance of a private midwife for her future births.  In the unfolding of her third birth, she discovered the essence of pure bliss, and as her forth birth stretched into the early hours on Boxing Day, her unwavering determination shone brightly. 

Through challenging labours, a hospital transfer, and the beauty of sovereign, undisturbed birth, Lainie surrendered to the rhythm of her surges, embracing the intensity and vulnerability that every birth demands. 

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Book: Down To Earth Birth Book

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