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How to Get Over Your Fear of Being on Camera
1st March 2023 • Marketing Wins • Valerie Morris
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In this episode you will learn:

  • How Chris helps entrepreneurs to develop a show. 
  • How to create a legacy with your content.
  • How Chris approaches different social media platforms.
  • Why Chris continues to use Twitter after the recent leadership changes at the platform.
  • How to identify the best platform for your brand.
  • Is Twitter a good fit for all brands?
  • How people’s personalities determine which platforms they lean towards.
  • Are people and brands getting more comfortable with video marketing?
  • Why some people fear video.
  • Why video is not for everyone.
  • How podcasting has helped people realize the importance of audio quality.
  • Why audio podcasting is growing in popularity.
  • Why it is easier to listen to a podcast than watch a video.
  • How Chris helps clients who are uncomfortable in front of a camera. 
  • How to get people to start thinking about launching a podcast.
  • Does everyone have a fear of being on camera?
  • The most underrated component of a podcast.
  • Should you force yourself to do a podcast even if you don’t love doing it?
  • Why it is important to show vulnerability in your podcast.
  • Why Amazon Live was not successful initially.
  • Why Chris decided to do a show on Amazon Live.
  • Why more influencers should promote products on Amazon Live instead of YouTube.
  • How some influencers are leaving money on the table by not joining affiliate programs.
  • How podcasts help people.
  • How sharing your story or knowledge on podcasts can change people’s lives.
  • How much useful information is shared in every podcast episode?
  • The “get 1% better every day” mindset.
  • How to stop being a perfectionist.
  • When a project is good enough to move on.
  • Why less perfect videos resonate with people.

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