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Should you rebrand your online business? 3 questions to help you get clear
Episode 1442nd February 2023 • Freedom Entrepreneur Podcast • Lindsay Sutherland
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Rebranding your online business can be a big decision, but it can also be the key to unlocking new growth and success. If you’re considering a rebrand, here are three questions to help you get clear on whether it’s the right move for you:

Are you waiting to rebrand because you think you should keep what you have?

Often we put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (OK, maybe more tears than sweat and blood LOL), and it feels hard to let go. But, if we are holding on despite our inner guidance nudging us otherwise, it may be time to move on. One way to get clear on your guidance is to make a mood board and really get into he vibe of your new brand including colors, font, logo design, and even content pillars. If you find yourself really excited about this that is a good sign. If it feels clunky or does not flow easily, then maybe it's best to wait until you have more flow.

For me, making the mood board flowed beautifully and after that, anything I did that was under the Passive Income Examiner brand felt inauthentic and not exciting. This was a key indicator for me.

Second question: What fears come up when you think of rebranding? Yes, you can expect technical difficulties and a loud online mess especially if you are transition websites, socials, and email like I did. But, staying in inaction because we are afraid of the work is not living a freedom lifestyle, now is it?

What else is coming up for you? Do you want to talk through the process with someone? Are you hesitating in your decision for fear of what your audience will think? Feel free to book a complimentary conversation with me at

Lastly, what would be different if you switched? In a way, the mood board exercise helps with this question. The bottom line is, if the new version lights you up it is well worth the change. Otherwise, wait until you design a brand that does light you up or chat through the process with a coach and build a brand you love.

Rebranding can be a big investment, both in terms of time and resources, but it can also be a valuable investment in your business’s future. By asking these three questions and doing your due diligence, you can make an informed decision on whether rebranding is right for you.

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