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SoloMoms! Talk - J. Rosemarie EPISODE 19, 8th June 2021
Women Supporting Women w/Jessica Dawn Russell

Women Supporting Women w/Jessica Dawn Russell

On today's episode I talked with Jessica Dawn Russell, Entrepreneur and Mentor to Women. We discussed our relationship with each other as women as well as the relationship we have with our moms.

Jessica grew up with the ideal family makeup in mind.  But although it didn't turn out the way she planned, she remains dedicated to her children while building multiple businesses.

Women should have a closer relationship with each other and stand by each other”  Jessica Dawn Russell

This busy solo mom of two boys is also an educator and coach.  She mentors entrepreneurs and is a real estate, business and productivity mentor.

Jessica inspires women to let go of the past so they can go forward with a little bit more clarity.

Connect with Jessica: FB - Jessica Dawn Russell.

email: theHTCoffice@gmail.com

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