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Overcoming the Saviour Complex + EMPOWERING Each Other
Episode 308th February 2022 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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Today's episode is part 2 on overcoming the "saviour" complex and moving into a place of truly EMPOWERED connection with others.

Creating the SPACE for others to DISCOVER their own strength, courage, wisdom + processes.

 It is so ENERGIZING to be IN an intimate relationship with someone who has inner confidence, takes personal ownership over their own actions and BRINGS their own ideas/vision/solutions and unique GENIUS to the relationship. 

AND .... This is a conversation transcends just our 'love' lives. 

It is practical and applicable to how we parent our kids, especially those 'young adults' stepping into their OWN ways. With our adult 'children', when to get involved, and when to LET THEM Be. Too many adults out there are still over-parenting and bailing their adult children out 20, 30, 40 years later! 

It filters into how we lead our teams at work - FREEING ourselves up to gain back more time to work on what matters most! Can you imagine running an organization that has a LIFE of it's own, and the people in it are all collective contributing to multiply it.... rather than just 'taking orders' from higher ups?

Today I continue the convo from last week and leave you with practical ways to move ON!

  • WHAT are we getting from playing these games?
  • WHAT Actually happens when we step in for others? 
  • How we keep recreating the problem and drama we complain about... 
  • HOW and WHERE do we BEGIN in giving others their POWER Back.
  • EQUALS in value vs "superiority" over one another.

This is one episode you want to tune into!

Here's an operating system I have been living by and it's producing WONDERS.

"Speak the truth from your HEART, people respect authenticity and seek others who will hold a mirror for them. ACCEPT others where they are & POUR LOVE into them as they figure it out. Give them SPACE to breathe, rather than suffocate them - and invite them to RISE to the occasion."



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