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The Wacky World of Diabetes - David Kliff EPISODE 6, 28th April 2021
What is Impacting the Future of Diabetes with the Big 3: Dr. Satish Garg, Dr. Irl Hirsch, and Dr. Steven Edelman
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What is Impacting the Future of Diabetes with the Big 3: Dr. Satish Garg, Dr. Irl Hirsch, and Dr. Steven Edelman

You guys are in for a treat today. I’m excited to have three giants of the diabetes industry here today to share their insights: Dr. Satish Garg, Dr. Irl Hirsch, and Dr. Steven Edelman. These men need no introduction, but in case you're in the 1% of people who don't know these gentlemen, do a bit of research and come back here when you’re done. They are absolutely revolutionary in the world of diabetes devices, investment, and research. So I’m not going to do any fluff today, we’re going to dive right into the real talk. 

Come be a fly on the wall of this conversation, and join me in learning more about what is impacting the future of diabetes, what we should be excited about, and what we should be looking out for.

[00:01 - 06:04] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Satish, Irl, and Dr. Edelman
  • Starting questions
  • Satish talks first about what is currently exciting him in diabetes
  • Devices widely accepted by the patients
  • Companies are improving 
  • Elimination on CGM 
  • Irl follows up with his insights and excitement 
  • Agreeing with Satish 
  • Type 1 and Type 2 penetration
  • The projections of the adolescent generation 
  • Taking a bite out of obesity - game changer 
  • Steven shares what he is currently excited about 
  • Opening up to more screening 

[06:05 - 16:01] Golden Insights from the Big 3

  • Satish talks about the issue of access 
  • Who can afford these things
  • Irl talks about the problem he sees with payers
  • No concern around heart disease
  • A fight for every drug 
  • Satish’s thoughts on telehealth
  • What the Covid Pandemic has taught us 
  • Plusses and minuses of telehealth 
  • Irl’s thoughts on ‘digital diabetes’
  • ‘It’s possible, but you need to show me’
  • Would not invest just yet 
  • Digital apps need to be standardized 
  • There can’t be 20 different forms 
  • Everybody has a different approach 

[16:05 - 25:00] What is Impacting the Future of Diabetes

  • Satish talks about what he sees happening with patients
  • The example of the creation of the term insulin resistance
  • Why these apps don’t work 
  • Nothing replaces communication
  • Nothing works long term that is robust yet
  • The role of social media on diabetes today
  • The issue of misinformation
  • Satish talks about the drugs he likes for each type of diabetes
  • T1 - CGM
  • T2 - GLP
  • Irl talks about what he is looking forward to for the future 
  • T1 - Artificial pancreas 
  • T2 - Zipa Tide
  • Steven’s desired outcome for the future
  • T1 - Everyone having access to insulin for both want and need
  • T2 - GLP 

[25:01 - 33:32] Closing Segment

  • I get the guys’ perspective on a closed-loop system
  • Satish: There are decent insulins that can achieve a decent glucose control
  • Steven: If there is a liquid form, it would work better; insights on rapid-acting
  • Satish: Holistic approach to make an impact 
  • Irl: Too many people driving the ship; dependent on the need for glycemic control
  • The importance of the impact on pregnancy 
  • Focussing on the US
  • Clear message to the industry
  • Start talking to each other, and start thinking about the patients
  • Make the drug too expensive, and only a few will pay for it
  • A lot of money wasted on ‘Me-Too drugs’ - lower the price and still profit
  • Thank you and please share this 
  • Final Words 

Tweetable Quotes:

“If I see someone using a meter, I throw their meter in the trash can and give them a new sensor from the clinic, that’s all they’re gonna do, and there’s not a single patient… who hasn’t said, ‘this has changed my life.’” - Dr. Satish Garg

“This is a game-changer, so just like insulin, the haves and the have nots - who’s going to have access to all these amazing drugs that science has come up with? That to me is the big question.” - Dr. Irl Hirsch  

“One reason why these apps don’t work is that patients need to have their doctors… nothing replaces communication. Between our broken health care system and the short amount of time we have with our patients - that part is missing” - Dr. Steven Edelman

“Start talking to each other, and start thinking about patients.” - Satish Garg

Learn more about Satish Garg, Steven Edelman MD, and Irl Hirsch.

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