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The Voice of Dog - Khaki and friends. 12th February 2021
“Urban Mystic” by Aelius (part 2 of 2)
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“Urban Mystic” by Aelius (part 2 of 2)

John, Alexis, and Lance interrupt an occult ritual only to discover there’s more to these cultists than expected. Cerberus is now involved.

Today’s story is the second of two parts of “Urban Mystic” by Aelius, who can be found at FurAffinity under the same username, showing both stories and artwork in his gallery. He has also been published twice, in Inhuman Acts and ROAR 8 by FurPlanet.

Last time, John, Lance, and Alexis found themselves at the forefront of a demon incursion brought on by the passing of a comet. After barely surviving an encounter with a terrifying demon, they discovered evidence that a dark occult ritual would be taking place soon. Though outmatched, they know they’re the only ones capable of facing cultists with mystical powers, and are preparing themselves for the fight of their lives.

Read for you by Khaki, your faithful fireside companion.