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Smart Investing Tips to Balance Risk and Reward in Real Estate with Kevin Tornes
Episode 533rd June 2024 • Truly Passive Income • Truly Passive LLC
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Whether you're just starting your journey or looking to optimize your portfolio, this episode is for you! It’s packed with practical strategies that highlight the power of real estate in achieving financial independence. Press play and join us as Kevin Tornes shares his diverse investment strategies, from house hacking to earning passive income through syndications.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • [06:58] How to transition from primary residences to investment properties and the challenges of becoming a landlord
  • [14:56] Importance of having a supportive spouse when investing in real estate
  • [19:04] Ways diverse investment strategies can serve as your financial safety nets
  • [25:25] The financial implications of leveraging equity and the risks associated with real estate debt
  • [36:29] An approach to building a portfolio that supports your personal and financial goals

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About Kevin Tornes

Kevin is the Senior Manager of Sales Operations at nCino, Inc. He is a skilled business operations analyst with experience in deal desk operations, order management, ERP project management, and IIOT software monitoring for customers. Using CPQ in Salesforce, he has managed software services costing, pricing, scope definition, and proposal creation for software services teams worldwide. 

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