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The 5 Landmines on becoming Rich and Wealthy with Money
Episode 1211th June 2022 • The Millionaire Road • Dr. Doug Firebaugh
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There are 5 landmines to becoming wealthy that nearly took me off the millionaire road and i wanted to go over those today.

Many people give up on their dream of wealth as they are not informed nor prepared for certain things that can happen. This podcast will help you with 5 of them.

a. It is always harder than you think.

And it can take longer than you believe. it is just the way it is to the place of Wealth and owning a business and dream.

Yes there are those quick online millionaires out there, but they are the exception not the rule. Those quick millionaires are less than 2% of the wealthy population.

b. You will question yourself.

And doubt yourself. All part of the growth process. You must KNOW you will achieve this dream.

c. Getting distracted.

is not a luxury you can afford. social media biggest distraction. Make your dream a PRIORITY and work it daily.

d. Lack of COD.

Consistent Ongoing Discipline.

Sun comes up sun goes down. you must be that consistent. the last word in DISCILPINE is LINE. it is the shortest line between you and your dream.

e. WRONG Results.

If you keep getting mainly the wrong results- ones you do not want- SOMETHING IS WRONG.

Find it Fix it. Fire it up.

yes you will always get Nos but not all the time. This must be corrected.



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