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236 | Before & After Joining The Academy of Breath • Alumni Spotlights
Episode 23631st January 2023 • The Alchemized Life • Ava Johanna
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I got the incredible chance this weekend, in the midst of inviting over 40 new souls into The Academy of Breath, to sit down with three absolutely incredible AOB Alumni to hear their story. And let me tell heart was absolutely cracked open. The absolute power of these practices is just unfathomable, and I am so excited to share these beautiful conversations with you.

If you've been feeling the pull, you have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (Jan. 31st, 2023) to get your powerful booty into The Academy of Breath (!

Over the course of twelve weeks inside The Academy of Breath, students learn the technique, practice, and theory behind ancient yogic pranayama and meditation techniques used to deepen your own personal practice while equipping you with the education and business expertise to teach in one-on-one, group and virtual settings. Students learn breathwork techniques, mindfulness meditation, guided visualization meditation, mantra meditation, and the craft of sequencing to boost your confidence in teaching and bringing these healing modalities to the world.

Our AOB Alumni Spotlights:

✨ Delaney Maberry is a Retreat Co-Facilitator and Certified Yoga, Breathwork, + Meditation Specialist. She's grown from being an AOB student to now becoming a part of our leadership team, mentoring new students as they move through The Academy of Breath ❤️

Resources for Delaney: INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

Jenni Adishian is a Manifestation Advisor, Meditation Guide, Mental Health Advocate and adventurous soul... and she is here to guide you towards the abundant life you've been dreaming of. Jenni is the founder and creator of The Abundant Collective, The Manifestation Map, and hosts the most powerful in-person retreats.

Resources for Jenni: INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

Lisa Freeman's soul purpose is to help you start knowing the MAGIC and LIGHT that YOU are. To help you break down the walls that keep you from aligning to your HIGHEST SELF. Using the magic of Energy Readings, 1 : 1 and Group Coaching, as well as incorporating breathwork, meditation and yoga, Lisa helps her clients to awaken to the life they are meant to be experiencing.

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