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Ep 110: Barefoot vs. Minimalist vs. Supportive: What Shoe is Really Right For You?
Episode 11020th February 2022 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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We're all aware of the internet carrying a plethora of polarized and poorly addressed topics, feet and shoes being one of them. One camp is shouting, “Be barefoot and a minimalist!” The other camp is screaming, “Wear your shoes for support!” And quite frankly, both sides stand their ground (pun intended) and have good points to be made.

This is why I wanted to bring on Coach Lance Goyke to sit down and have a well-rounded conversation surrounding your feet and what types of shoes you should be wearing because I can promise you your answer(s) will be context dependent. A few points we unpack are the foot and ankle joint and why it's the most complex joint in your body, different types of shoes and which may be best for you and your goals, and specific circumstances for when it's appropriate to be barefoot and when supported shoes might be more beneficial. Listen in as Lance and I lay out a handful of strategies to help with the strength and awareness of your feet and ways you can utilize them in your lifting.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [05:59] Why the foot is the most complex joint in the body
  • [10:15] The importance having 80 degrees of toe extension for maintaining mobility
  • [15:06] Some of the most common places where things start to go wrong at the foot with relation to gait
  • [17:11] Compression and how it can limit your mobility
  • [18:01] How the joint position affects the way the joint works
  • [19:03] Footwear’s purpose when talking about walking
  • [21:22] Why you don’t want the middle of your foot to bend 
  • [22:39] Going through gait when in supination
  • [24:28] Why running barefoot could be beneficial in certain circumstances
  • [26:41] Potential consequences for those who are never barefoot
  • [30:55] Specific circumstances you should get barefoot versus having support
  • [33:17] An exercise to help with the strength and awareness of your feet
  • [35:10] What’s getting in the way and limiting dorsiflexion in most people
  • [37:49] Specific exercises to utilize for improving dorsiflexion
  • [39:47] Special cases for those outside of the bell curve


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