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Unpacking the Action - Intention Gap with Sandy Skees, Purpose and Impact Global Lead, Porter Novell
Episode 789th April 2024 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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“Be the voice of the consumer who wants to do more.”

ESG – environmental, social and growth, (yep you read that right), growth rather than governance. We absolutely loved that take from Sandy Skees, Purpose and Impact Global Lead at Porter Novelli. We’ve wanted to talk to Sandy for some time since we came across their research on the ‘Intention – Action Gap - the ‘Rise of the Conscious Consumer’, when writing ‘Can Marketing Save the Planet - 101 Ways to use Sustainable Marketing as a Force for Good’.

This particular piece of research looks at people’s willingness to adopt changes to their behaviours, and not just by purchasing ‘green’ products. Sandy shares example after example of the significant shifts that are happening with consumer appetite and behaviour - shifts which are some of the biggest indicators yet that things are starting to change, and quickly.

Tune in and listen as Sandy shares many fascinating insights from the data and research and, her vast knowledge and decades of experience in this space. You’ll learn:

  • What the pressure points are in driving new mindsets.
  • What Marketers need to do and why a focus on culture change is critical.
  • Why one of the most important roles of business is to change societal behaviours and how communication is the most powerful way of doing this.
  • Why communication has to be intentional.
  • What is holding brands back.
  • What some of the biggest challenges facing marketers are.

For more information about Sandy Skees - you can visit her site.

To view the research The Gap Between Say and Do - see here.




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