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Episode 230th June 2016 • The Documentary Life • The Documentary Life
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Welcome back to The Documentary Life podcast. In episode #2, a major topic of discussion revolves around one of the essential aspects of the show: inspiration. We discuss why it’s important for the show to inspire its listeners. Chris also discusses the films and filmmakers that have inspired his documentary filmmaking journey, including narrative films like Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho and early digital cinema pioneers, Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler, and their groundbreaking digital film The Last Broadcast.


As he discusses specifically the documentary genre, he mentions filmmakers like Werner Herzog and Rithy Panh, who both seamlessly inhabit the narrative and documentary genres. Included are the films Burden of Dreams and The Missing Picture.


The second half of the podcast delves into what Chris’ approach has been to film and video cameras for his projects. He traces his family tree of the cameras that he has used for his documentary and narrative film projects. He offers the suggestion that you should use what you have, trusting that you will have what you need, later on.



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