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#032: Get High on Heart: How to Connect To Your Heart To Access Your Deep Intuitive Wisdom with Jessie May Wolfe
Episode 3214th January 2019 • ICONS with Ava Johanna • Ava Johanna
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This week on the Alchemized Life Podcast we welcome Jessie May Wolfe, founder of the HeartRise Movement and Method. Jessie May helps communities, organizations and companies reframe their infrastructure around the heart - working with companies like Amazon and Uber to name a few. She shares her message + guidance by directly working with individuals + teams, as a keynote speaker and through her bestselling book ‘High On Heart’.

Jessie May Wolfe has been bringing the HeartRise Method to communities over the last 10 years and is launching the online ‘How to HeartRise’ course this spring for the first ever to bring HeartRise to a bigger global community.

In this week's episode we talk about Jessie’s transformational journey from the fashion industry into wellness. We discuss the HeartRise Movement and how its different than any other meditation techniques. In this episode you’ll learn about steps you can take to get “high on heart” energy and how it will allow you to tap into deep intuitive wisdom.

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