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Introducing the I3 Team
Episode 110th January 2022 • International IVF Initiative Podcast • The International IVF Initiative
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Welcome to Episode 1 of The International IVF Initiative Podcast where we look forward to sharing our people, our conversations and our insight into the world of ART. In this episode, you will hear from the founding members of I3 about how they came together as the Pandemic saw our everyday life be put on pause. 

What was discussed: 

  • Giles Palmer, Jacques Cohen and Thomas Elliott discuss how the IVF Initiative came to be, how quickly Thomas set up the website and 10 days later the first webinar with Dr Kay Elder called 
  • IVF in the Time of Covid-19’ 
  • They found it so new and strange to have over 2k people signed up for first session and the feedback was instantly positive, so the initiative quickly grew from strength to strength. 
  • Thomas Elliott explained how he was very early in developing websites and created an embryology website called The embryological resources website, along with web pages for Alpha
  • and he registered the URL for 
  • You will also hear from the rest of the team with Dr Peter Nagy talking about his involvement and his favourite sessions so far. Peter shares how he loves the pure science and the best professionals on the topic are sharing their wisdom and in particular how they are reaching a new generation.
  • Shaista Sadruddin continued to explain as she talks about her involvement and moderating the questions that come in during the session and what she is doing for young professionals. Shaista hosted the ‘Young Guns’ session 
  • Finally, you meet MaryAnn Szvetecz who talked about her behind the scenes role and her involvement. 

The team mentioned some of their favourite sessions, which we have included here to make sure you can refer back to them: 





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