How can entrepreneurs communicate vision in everyday actions? (Live)
9th December 2022 • The Thriving Entrepreneur • David Foster & Rachelle Leerling
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Do you sometimes wonder whether the people you work with understand what you’ve laid out as a vision for the business you started?

Does what you see and hear day to day reflect what your business is all about?

Many founders and entrepreneurs have similar concerns and questions. People are working, but sometimes the direction of that work isn’t heading in the same direction.

Fair questions to ask:

Why would the people who work with you understand the vision you have for the business you started?

Thursday Rachelle and David ask how a founder can communicate his or her vision through everyday actions, and why communicating that way is often much more important than a page on the website or what you say during onboarding a new employee.

  • What is the “experience of you”?
  • Is there a difference between what your vision is and what employees understand?
  • What can you look for in your own business to understand what’s happening with this?

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