Ep.24 Chris Stanton
Episode 2411th November 2019 • THE REEL DEBATERS PODCAST • The Reel Debaters Podcast
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If you're wondering where Ep. 23 went we would love to tell you it has something to do with Stanley Kubrik and the mystery behind what The Shinning is all about and we were forced to take it down but its because in June 2021 we found out the guest comedian on that show said some things that are pretty douchey on a new app and not what we like to have on the show. Instead of dragging this persons name though social media we decided just to remove him all together. We can tell you he doesn't need us to make a fool out of himself, he did a fine Job of that all on his own. That't all , serious moment over, back to the laughs! On with the show! Reel Talk this week has Comedian and Debater on the Reel Debaters Chris Stanton talking to Micheal Petrow and Jimmy Skinner about his time in film school, shooting in public parks and what happens when you put the wrong soundtrack in a movie on Youtube. Micheal, Chris and Jimmy also talk about the idea of a best blockbuster category at the Oscars, when is CGI too much and they play a game of "would you rather" only true Tom Hank's fans would love. Email []( Instagram @reeldebaters Twitter @reeldebaters