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017 Needling Joints for Stability and Mobilization • Anthony Von der Muhll
Episode 178th June 2023 • Qiological Shop Talk • Qiological
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I’m Anthony Von der Muhll, and in this Shoptalk, I will be sharing with you one of my most useful go-to techniques for treating chronic musculoskeletal pain and disability: needling into joint and ligamentous tissues. 

This is an ancient technique with modern applications that is quite safe, well-tolerated, and works rapidly and effectively for long-lasting improvements in function, not just of joints but also the muscles, tendons and nerves that cross them. 

When I started using this technique about 15 years ago, my success rates went way up, and the time and number of treatments required for lasting outcomes went way down, even for chronic and complex cases that I had found previously very challenging. 

Although this technique was not taught in any of the Masters or Doctorate classes that I attended, with some very basic review of joint anatomy, I found it is quite simple and easy to learn, and even to teach oneself. Tune in to learn more!

Here are links to Anthony's course on Joint Stabilization and Mobilization Needling and his full list of On Demand Courses with CEU's.