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Guest: Terry Ray, Actor/Director
Episode 145th June 2023 • Big Conversations, Little Bar • Radio111
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“Gabby has fired you”. For many people, being fired as the assistant to a Dog may have ended their career. But not the guest on this episode of Big Conversations, Little Bar. Writer, actor, TV therapist and big winner on Scrabble Terry Ray talks with Patrick Evans and Randy Florence.

Terry has gone on to write 11 TV Movies, an award-winning short Film and the longest running play in Palm Springs. That play, Electricity, will be moving off-Broadway in the very near future. 

Terry’s career seems to have been one story after another (all of them, except with Gabby, very successful). Honestly, do any others have stories of meeting with Batman while he was getting ready and still in his tighty-whities? 

Terry has Patrick and Randy gasping for air as he tells more about his days as a student of Charles Nelson Reilly, writing a show that starred Loni Anderson and doing TV therapy for some of the most iconic characters in TV (think Eddie Munster, Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island, Isaac from the Love Boat).

You’ll become a huge fan of Terry’s after listening to his infectious and hilarious personality!