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Plain Ordinary Dragon - Elliott Clifton EPISODE 5, 9th September 2019
Plain Ordinary Conversations - Back Again with Homer Keys
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Plain Ordinary Conversations - Back Again with Homer Keys

Welcome Dragons!

Homer Keys from Firebird Straps joins us today for the podcast, and you are going to hear some real life things in this episode. We talk with Homer about his new company, his journey, some challenges, and some of the folks who have had an impact on him throughout the years. We run into some of the same characters who have previously been on the podcast in the stories he tells.

Homer is a true artist. He loves to paint, draw, sing, play guitar (he is pretty amazing on the guitar), and so much more. He does it for the love of creating. He is what we would call a "maker". He makes art. And his newest art form is recycling old leather belts into kick ass guitar straps. They are custom made to fit each customer. Oh, and did I mention they are beautiful and unique and one of a kind - just like Homer. Check out his creations & contact him for your own strap or a strap for a friend who needs one. While his website is still a work of art under creation, you can reach him on Instagram at firebird_straps - Rise Above!